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Professional Websites for Accountants and Solicitors

At WebWatchUK, we provide expert, cost-effective website solutions, specialising in web design and marketing for accountants and solicitors, along with other businesses.

An effective website is an essential tool for all firms of accountants, solicitors, or other enterprises in today’s business world.

What We Do
With over 15 years’ experience in providing professional services’ solutions, we understand your practice needs and those of your clients and we can help you keep your shop window – your website – sparkling!
Our Approach
Firstly, whatever your business, we listen to what you have to say and get to understand what type of clients you have and the type of clients you want to target. Armed with this information we can advise you on site design or update the web tools you already have that fit best with your marketing objectives.


But making sure that your web design ticks all the right boxes – and then maintaining and refreshing the website and monitoring its performance – can be challenging for busy professionals, like solicitors and accountants.

That’s why working with our experienced web design and marketing professionals at WebWatchUK makes real sense.

We’ll take on board all your requirements and create a website design and content bespoke to your business. Then we’ll maintain the site, updating it as and when you wish, so that it always stays fresh for visitors.

We also offer a range of additional online resources – like tax calculators, factsheets and monthly e-newsletters – to enhance your website and add value by creating a useful resource for existing and potential clients.

Other cost-effective options to develop your site include our secure document exchange facility, which allows clients and colleagues to securely and confidentially share data with you via your website.

Alongside these services, we also offer web marketing expertise in specialist areas like search engine optimisation (SEO), to drive visitors to your site by making your website easy to find in search engine rankings.

And our Social Media Manager service helps to make the most of marketing opportunities in the key area of social media, building a presence on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to develop your relationships with clients and other contacts.

At WebWatch UK, we’ll tailor our web design and marketing support to your budgets and timescales and our services start from as little as a very affordable £69 per month for WebWatch Lite option.

So if you’d like to find out more about working with WebWatchUK, please contact us.


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